Tooth Colored Restorations (Fillings)

Tooth Colored Restorations (Fillings)

Composite Fillings- Mercury-free

We now rarely recommend silver fillings when repairing cavities. Dr. Hiller would tell you that tooth-colored materials have come a long way over the years. Composite or tooth-colored, restorations are the most effective way to restore your teeth both in strength and cosmetics. Using a mixture of ceramic quartz and resin, this product is strong and durable. We use composite for various repairs: New fillings, replacing old fillings, altering the color of your teeth, filling cracks or fractures, and reshaping teeth. Additionally, composite fillings are completely mercury-free.

Most dental filling procedures take between 10 and 15 minutes per tooth, depending on the situation. Using a mild etching to prepare the natural tooth surface, Dr. Hiller preps the tooth, ensuring good adherence. Once ready, Dr. Hiller applies several layers of composite material directly onto the tooth. A light source is used to harden and set the material. Finally, he will shape, smooth, and polish the tooth surface, providing your tooth with a natural look. This repair should last several years but is subject to staining and chipping, just as your natural teeth would.


Patients may be unaware of the various bonding composite materials that are used by your dentist. At Mount Vista Family Dental, we hunted for the BEST composite fillings providing our patients with the STRONGEST bonding agents. We wanted a product that has been clinically proven by independent dental research firms Clinicians Report. Based on the research we gathered, we are using Filtek™ Supreme Ultra by 3M – clinically proven to be the strongest, most aesthetic composite resin in the world today, for most of our white filling restorations.

The bonding agent used is Optibond XTR by Kerr is ranked one of the strongest by Clinicians Report. This is good news because the stronger the bond of the filling, the less likely it will ever be sensitive. If you are experiencing sensitivity in old dental fillings, ask Dr. Hiller about replacing them with our products. Rest assured that only today’s best materials are being used at Mount Vista Family Dental.

Restorative Dentistry at Mount Vista Family Dental in Vancouver WA


1. Remove Decay

We start with removing the tooth decay present. Dr. Hiller uses an indicator that seeks caries to ensure thorough removal. He will then condition the remaining healthy tooth with an Optibond XTR bond.

2. Fill Tooth

Dr. Hiller will replace the missing portion of the tooth structure with Filtek™ Supreme Ultra composite resin filling material.

3. Harden

After the filling is shaped, smoothed, and polished, Dr. Hiller will use a UV light to harden the material. Patients can eat and chew immediately without any worry of damage to the new restoration.