CEREC®- Ceramic Restorations

CEREC®- Ceramic Restorations

What Are CEREC Restorations?

One of the instruments that we use to restore damaged teeth is called the CEREC 3D system. This high-tech system uses CAD/CAM technology, integrating a camera, computer and a milling machine. The CEREC system enables ceramic tooth restorations to be performed chairside. The veneer or crown is manufactured right in the office while the patient waits – eliminating the need for temporary crowns and a second appointment.

CEREC restorations are extremely precise, very durable, and made with tooth-colored material. In addition, the procedure allows the doctors to treat patients more conservatively, as modern bonding techniques allow more healthy tooth structure to be saved.

How Are they Performed?

First, the tooth is prepared by removing the old alloy or decay. Next, the tooth is painted with a thin layer of reflective powder and a digital photo is taken using a special camera.

The camera image is sent to the CEREC computer, where the restoration is designed with software using three-dimensional imagery. With this software, the doctors are able to view, manipulate and verify all aspects of the restoration design for accuracy and assurance of an ideal fit.

When the design is complete, a blank ceramic block is placed into the CEREC computer-automated milling machine and the process of creating the ceramic restoration begins. Minutes later, milling is complete and the finished veneer or crown is ready to be installed.

Advantages of CEREC Restorations

  • Restorations can be performed in a single session, eliminating the need for return visits and temporary crowns.
  • Eliminates the need to make an impression and send it to a lab.
  • Uses new bonding techniques that eliminate sensitivity problems.
  • Restorations are natural looking and metal-free – no silver-colored fillings.
  • The ceramic material is high-grade, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant.
  • More conservative treatment is possible, helping to save healthy teeth.
  • Extremely precise process ensures ideal fit of restorations.
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