Cosmetic All Ceramic IPS e-Max™ Crown

Cosmetic All Ceramic IPS e-Max™ Crown


  1. Dental crowns require two office visits. First, Dr. Hiller will prepare the tooth for the dental crown and he will take impressions of the area for the fabrication process of your E-Max crown.
  2. Doctor will place a temporary crown until your permanent one is ready. This should take about two weeks. He will then bond your new crown over your tooth, acting as a shield for the tooth. At the completion of this procedure, your new crown should blend seamlessly in your mouth.


Dental crowns completely cover the natural tooth on all sides. As a cover, your dental crown keeps your natural tooth structure safe and strong, giving you a long-lasting restoration. We use dental crowns whenever a natural tooth has been damaged or weakened. This may include:

  • following a root canal
  • teeth that have large portions of the tooth missing
  • teeth with large silver fillings that have failed
  • teeth with cracks or fractures
  • for attaching dental bridges and partial dentures to

Dental crowns will protect your tooth and prevent unnecessary tooth loss due to damage done from fractures or decay. Fabricated from ceramic porcelain or ceramic over metal, today’s crowns are indistinguishable from your surrounding healthy teeth.

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Almost all of the dental crowns placed by Dr. Hiller are E-Max brand all-ceramic crowns. We have found this to be a superior product, offering restorations that almost never chip or fracture. Additionally, you will NEVER see any discoloration around the gum line over time. E-Max crowns look and feel so natural that you will forget that it’s even there.

If you have had negative experiences with crowns in the past, Dr. Hiller can tell you that not all crowns are created equal. E-Max crowns are, in our opinion, the most advanced crowns there are. We provide only the best for our patients at Mount Vista Family Dental.

As always, Dr. Hiller will discuss keeping good oral hygiene. Dental crowns do require continued brushing and flossing as you would care for your other teeth. Crowns or caps are known to last the longest of dental restorations, depending on placement and use. Contact us with questions regarding Crown Treatments or requesting an appointment.