Summer Dental Services with Mount Vista Family Dental

As summer quickly approaches, it’s time to start catching up on all of the appointments that you’ve been pushing back!  Mount Vista Family Dental offers an array of services from Invisalign to Orthodontic appointments for kids to get anyone started on their summer dental goals.  

1. Children’s Dental Services

Mount Vista Family Dental’s aim is to provide the best patient-focused care possible and provide dental care and services to meet the needs of every type of patient that comes to our office.  And for the summer, we know that some patients may want to get several services done if they have more free time.  Summer is the perfect opportunity for any of the children’s dental services that we provide.   Even Back-to-School appointments can be made easily towards the end of summer.  

2. Cosmetic Dentistry for Adults

For patients that aren’t children anymore, Mount Vista Family Dental offers several Cosmetic Dentistry services that can be done.  Teeth whitening, veneers, and even Botox treatments are some of the Cosmetic Dentistry services provided. Patients with some time in the summer months can schedule an appointment to get started on their Cosmetic Dentistry needs.  

3. Orthodontic Service

Mount Vista also offers ClearCorrect an Orthodontic Service for those who are wanting to obtain straighter teeth.  

You can use 3-D computer imaging technology to show a patient where they will begin the ClearCorrect process.  This service is perfect for patients to start in the summer however they can start treatment right away to get their desired results faster than with traditional braces.  

There are so many different dental services that cater to each patient at Mount Vista Family Dental and with summer just around the corner, we hope many patients take advantage of their upcoming free time and get their dental health back on track.  

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Contact us today to schedule the first of your summer appointments!