Clear Correct in Vancouver

How does it work?

Clear Correct is a braces alternative. In contrast to Invisalign, Clear Correct offers three distinct options for addressing your teeth:

  • Limited 6 – This set of aligners works to treat the full arch, not just from the first premolar to first premolar. The Limited 6 is an ideal option for minor adjustments, as it includes six sets of aligners.
  • Limited 12 – Provides further range of treatment with 12 sets of aligners. There is no additional fee for revisions of the aligners midway through the process, as long as no extra sets of aligners are required.
  • Unlimited – As the name suggests, the Unlimited option allows your dentist to work with as many sets of aligners as are needed to adjust the teeth as needed. This allows for an unlimited number of revisions to your aligners over the space of three years, meaning you dentist is able to continue to make recalculations and adjustments to your treatment as you go.

Clear Correct aligners are made from a specialized, hard-wearing material called Zendura, specially designed for ultimate stress retention – meaning that the aligners are resistant to becoming deformed under biting pressure.

Smiling after Clear Correct

How long does the Clear Correct treatment take on average?

This all depends on your treatment option. If you only need to make small adjustments to your smile, your dentist may suggest the Limited 6 option, ideal for cases that can be treated within the time frame of the six sets of aligners.

Dr. Hiller at Mount Vista Family Dental in Salmon Creek will provide you with a new set of aligners at four to six-week intervals. Clear Correct estimates that patients wear their aligners for a minimum of 22 hours each day.

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