Stress and Changing Seasons

As the seasons change from summer to fall, many habits and routines begin to change as well. As the family dynamic undergoes its changes, your health may feel an impact as well. Do you feel like your stress levels spike at the change of a season? This could wreak havoc not only on your physical health, but your oral health as well.

Teeth grinding is one of the most detrimental issues that result from experiencing too much stress. This could lead to an uneven bite, difficulty chewing, and even pain. Other symptoms that may arise as a result of bruxism include pain in the neck and shoulders as well as chronic headaches.

If bruxism is left untreated, it can have a lifetime of detrimental effects on your oral health. If your partner tells you that you were grinding your teeth, it is time to come in for a check-up and to put the grinding to an end. We can provide you with a custom mouth guard that will prevent the upper and lower jaw from having contact. This means when you attempt to grind your teeth at night, you will be unable to, allowing you to save the health of your teeth.

In the meantime, try to find other ways to manage your stress while your routine undergoes such dramatic changes. Make sure to take time out for yourself, exercise, eat healthy, and only take on the responsibilities that you can handle. Your physical and oral health depends on you to manage your stress levels – do what your body needs you to do today!

If you are suffering from bruxism, please call us for an appointment today!

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