Diet Soda And It’s Risks

Stop-Drinking-Diet-SodaYou think you are doing your body a favor by drinking diet soda rather than regular; after all there is no sugar in diet soda so you are not doing any harm, right? Wrong. You are doing more harm than you realize to your teeth, making it very difficult to maintain good oral health. If you are having trouble kicking the habit of drinking diet soda throughout the day, consider these three reasons and maybe you will feel more compelled to quit.

More than Sugar

Many people mistakenly think if something is sugar free, such as diet soda, that it does not promote cavities. While this line of thinking might be right for other foods – it is not the case for diet soda, which is very acidic in nature. Acid is what causes the breakdown of the enamel of your teeth. In the case of foods without acid, your mouth depends on the sugars to create cavities. As the sugar enters your mouth, the bacteria that is already present in your mouth feeds on that sugar, creating acid, which then eats away at your teeth, resulting in tooth decay. With diet soda, however, you bypass the sugar consumption part and go straight to the acid, giving your teeth exactly what they need to become decayed! This gives new meaning to sugar free, doesn’t it?

Every Sip Promotes Decay

Diet soda attacks the enamel of your teeth for at least 20 minutes. This does not mean 20 minutes for an entire can of soda, however. It means 20 minutes for every sip you take! If you take an hour to drink that can of soda that is a lot of time that your teeth are being eroded, which means tooth decay and unpleasant looking teeth in the end. Even if the acid in the soda does not cause tooth decay, the fact that your enamel is being worn down means that you will have weakened teeth that are more prone to infection and other issues down the road.

Diet Soda Promotes Sensitive Teeth

If you have ever experienced sensitivity to hot or cold foods you know how frustrating it can be. Suddenly your favorite food or drinks are no longer appealing because of the pain you experience. If you drink diet soda, you could be putting your teeth at risk for this condition. The acid that is contained in the soda eats away at the enamel. If you continue this habit long term, you will cause the inner workings of your teeth to become exposed. This means that you lose the “shield” that the enamel provides, which puts your mouth at risk for experiencing extreme sensitivities, especially to hot or cold foods.

Drinking diet soda is a bad habit of millions of Americans, but there are many other options. The best option is water; you should be drinking (8) eight ounce glasses of it a day. If you crave something with a little more flavor, do so in moderation. If you must drink a diet soda, limit it to one can a day and use a straw when you drink it to limit the damage done to your teeth. Immediately follow up that soda with a glass of water though, in order to rinse away the acids and prevent the damage it would do to your teeth. If you can substitute that soda for fruit infused water or even diluted fruit juice on occasion, you will be giving your teeth a fighting chance at staying healthy.

If you are worried about what diet soda has done to your teeth, call us today for an appointment!

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