Canker Sores – Ouch!

Posted on – April 10th 2015

A man with a canker sore holding his cheek.Canker sores, those irritating and painful lesions that occur in the mouth, are typically found under your tongue, on the internal cheek walls and inner lips. They are not very big, can be white and sometimes yellow, and are round shaped, and well, they hurt.
Canker sores are fairly common, with one in five suffering from canker sores at some time in the life. They are usually harmless and heal within two weeks of developing. Canker sores often accompany allergies, hormonal changes or stress and fatigue. Many sufferers report an outbreak of these irritating mouth sores following a stressful life event.

Preventing & Managing Canker Sores

You should know that canker sores aren’t contagious and are not even harmful to your overall health. Preventing them can be as easy as reducing your stress levels, managing anxiety and getting the rest your body needs. If you find yourself in the midst of a canker sore outbreak, you can manage the discomfort with over the counter products like Orajel and Anbesol, which numb the area. Avoiding spicy foods and applying ice chips can also help with the discomfort.
If your canker sores persist for more than two weeks, you should contact your doctor or dentist for advice. No one should be forced to live with pain, especially when a solution is easily at hand! Have canker sore questions, give our office a call for the answers you need.

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